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Further edits to paper.

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......@@ -324,6 +324,13 @@ $\Theta^{(i+1)}$ with the ones from the prior iteration using an interpolation w
\hat\Theta^{(i)} \leftarrow (1 - \rho) \, \Theta^{(i)} + \rho \, \Theta^{(i-1)} % \quad .
which leads to an exponentially decreasing impact of the initial parameter set.
We implemented this for all the parameters but found it only helped when
applied to just the weights,
which is consistent with our interpretation that stopping the weights from overfitting
too fast allows the Gaussians to ``move farther'' than they otherwise would from
the initial estimate. We note that other practitioners have also used mechanisms that
prevent the weights from changing too fast~\footnote{James Droppo, personal communication} and
have found that this improved results.
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