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An entry for egs/voxforge added in egs/README.txt (under WIP recipes)

Added a script invoked from but missing from local/

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......@@ -43,3 +43,4 @@ Recipes in progress (these may be less polished than the ones above).
timit: TIMIT, which is an old corpus of carefully read speech.
LDC corpous LDC93S1
voxforge: A recipe for the free speech data available from
# This is as but excluding the "speaker-dependent weights",
# so not doing the symmetric SGMM.
## SGMM on top of LDA+MLLT+SAT features.
if [ ! -f exp/ubm4a/final.mdl ]; then
steps/ --silence-weight 0.5 --cmd "$train_cmd" 400 data/train data/lang exp/tri3b_ali exp/ubm4a || exit 1;
steps/ --spk-dep-weights false --cmd "$train_cmd" 5000 7000 \
data/train data/lang exp/tri3b_ali exp/ubm4a/final.ubm exp/sgmm2x_4a || exit 1;
utils/ data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a exp/sgmm2x_4a/graph || exit 1;
steps/ --config conf/decode.config --nj 20 --cmd "$decode_cmd" \
--transform-dir exp/tri3b/decode exp/sgmm2x_4a/graph data/test exp/sgmm2x_4a/decode || exit 1;
steps/ --use-fmllr true --config conf/decode.config --nj 20 --cmd "$decode_cmd" \
--transform-dir exp/tri3b/decode exp/sgmm2x_4a/graph data/test exp/sgmm2x_4a/decode_fmllr || exit 1;
# Now we'll align the SGMM system to prepare for discriminative training.
steps/ --nj 8 --cmd "$train_cmd" --transform-dir exp/tri3b \
--use-graphs true --use-gselect true data/train data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a exp/sgmm2x_4a_ali || exit 1;
steps/ --nj 8 --sub-split 20 --cmd "$decode_cmd" --transform-dir exp/tri3b \
data/train data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a_ali exp/sgmm2x_4a_denlats
steps/ --cmd "$decode_cmd" --transform-dir exp/tri3b --boost 0.2 \
data/train data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a_ali exp/sgmm2x_4a_denlats exp/sgmm2x_4a_mmi_b0.2
for iter in 1 2 3 4; do
steps/ --cmd "$decode_cmd" --iter $iter \
--transform-dir exp/tri3b/decode data/lang data/test exp/sgmm2x_4a/decode exp/sgmm2x_4a_mmi_b0.2/decode_it$iter &
steps/ data/test data/lang exp/tri1/decode exp/tri2a/decode exp/combine_1_2a/decode || exit 1;
steps/ data/test data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a/decode exp/tri3b_mmi/decode exp/combine_sgmm2x_4a_3b/decode || exit 1;
# combining the sgmm run and the best MMI+fMMI run.
steps/ data/test data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a/decode exp/tri3b_fmmi_c/decode_it5 exp/combine_sgmm2x_4a_3b_fmmic5/decode || exit 1;
steps/ data/test data/lang exp/sgmm2x_4a_mmi_b0.2/decode_it4 exp/tri3b_fmmi_c/decode_it5 exp/combine_sgmm2x_4a_mmi_3b_fmmic5/decode || exit 1;
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