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trunk: modifying some comments in a script,, in response to user questions.

git-svn-id: 5e6a8d80-dfce-4ca6-a32a-6e07a63d50c8
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......@@ -95,7 +95,11 @@ else
echo "$0: removing old LM scores."
# this approach chooses the best path through the old LM FST, while
# subtracting the old scores. If the lattices came straight from decoding,
# this is what we want.
# this is what we want. Note here: each FST in "nbest1.JOB.gz" is a linear FST,
# it has no alternatives (the N-best format works by having multiple keys
# for each utterance). When we do "lattice-1best" we are selecting the best
# path through the LM, there are no alternatives to consider within the
# original lattice.
$cmd JOB=1:$nj $dir/log/remove_old.JOB.log \
lattice-scale --acoustic-scale=-1 --lm-scale=-1 "ark:gunzip -c $dir/nbest1.JOB.gz|" ark:- \| \
lattice-compose ark:- "fstproject --project_output=true $oldlm |" ark:- \| \
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