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......@@ -206,6 +206,31 @@ class StdToLatticeMapper {
uint64 Properties(uint64 props) { return props; }
/// Class LatticeToStdMapper maps a LatticeArc to a normal arc (StdArc)
/// by adding the elements of the LatticeArc weight.
template<class Int>
class LatticeToStdMapper {
typedef LatticeWeightTpl<Int> LatticeWeight;
typedef ArcTpl<LatticeWeight> LatticeArc;
StdArc operator()(const LatticeArc &arc) {
return StdArc(arc.ilabel, arc.olabel,
StdArc::Weight(arc.weight.Value1() + arc.weight.Value2()),
MapFinalAction FinalAction() { return MAP_NO_SUPERFINAL; }
MapSymbolsAction InputSymbolsAction() { return MAP_COPY_SYMBOLS; }
MapSymbolsAction OutputSymbolsAction() { return MAP_COPY_SYMBOLS; }
// I believe all properties are preserved.
uint64 Properties(uint64 props) { return props; }
template<class Weight, class Int>
void PruneCompactLattice(
Weight beam,
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