Commit ba9d5357 authored by Jan "yenda" Trmal's avatar Jan "yenda" Trmal
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Merge pull request #26 from jtrmal/kaldi-lat-makefile

removing the kald-lat custom rule -- does not matter now
parents 8d43d2e3 1ad6f99c
......@@ -21,27 +21,3 @@ ADDLIBS = ../hmm/kaldi-hmm.a ../tree/kaldi-tree.a ../matrix/kaldi-matrix.a \
include ../makefiles/
# Overriding the default library rule
# Added 2015-06-22 in connection with creating a standalone kws lib
# It's purpose is to make the transition more seamless for users
# Will be removed in a half a year or so.
$(AR) -d $(LIBNAME).a kws-functions.o
$(AR) -cru $(LIBNAME).a $(OBJFILES)
ifeq ($(KALDI_FLAVOR), dynamic)
ifeq ($(shell uname), Darwin)
$(CXX) -dynamiclib -o $@ -install_name @rpath/$@ -framework Accelerate $(LDFLAGS) $(XLDLIBS) $(OBJFILES) $(LDLIBS)
rm -f $(KALDILIBDIR)/$@; ln -s $(shell pwd)/$@ $(KALDILIBDIR)/$@
ifeq ($(shell uname), Linux)
# Building shared library from static (static was compiled with -fPIC)
$(CXX) -shared -o $@ -Wl,--no-undefined -Wl,--as-needed -Wl,-soname=$@,--whole-archive $(LIBNAME).a -Wl,--no-whole-archive $(LDFLAGS) $(XDEPENDS) $(LDLIBS)
rm -f $(KALDILIBDIR)/$@; ln -s $(shell pwd)/$@ $(KALDILIBDIR)/$@
else # Platform not supported
$(error Dynamic libraries not supported on this platform. Run configure with --static flag. )
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