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    Master mon 2467 v2 (#6117) · a1cef1bf
    Guillaume28 authored
    * Prepare 2.8.8 release.
    * fix(Conflict): Header conflict
    * * fix knowledge cron compatibility php < 5.4 and check api configuration
    * Update documentation
    * fix(instance): Export with filter
    * fix(HTPL): Export with filters
    * fix(HTPL): Export with filters(trap)
    * fix(Engine): cfg export with filter
    * fix(export): add dependency injector
    * fix(brokercfg): export with filter
    * Correct make html warning/error for EN documentation
    * fix(login): Remove duplicate $_GET["autologin"] in test
    * Allow to use "min" in url with autologin - #5338
    * fix(style): Coding style
    * fix(filters): Filters on HG and CG export
    * Fix typos in Enabled/Disabled filters (#5251)
    * fix(export): Wrong parameters for several exports
    * fix(export): wrong parameter for export HG
    * Clarify documentation of centreon clapi authentication
    * 5611 improve centreon documentation (#5612)
    * Add notice label to restart server after disabled selinux
    * Move installation documentation chapters in correct order
    * Fix french typo in install chapter
    * fix(doc): Add Launch services
    * Activate services at system startup
    * fix(doc): Reset installing poller
    * fix(useless): Remove useless construct
    * Add release note for Centreon Web 2.8.15
    * fix(RtDowntime): Missing instantiation of objects host and service
    * Correct typo
    * fix(PDO): Missing colon for PDO
    * fix(listHost): Wrong parameter
    * doc(release note) : Add empty release note for the 2.8.18
    * Add missing paragraph in documentation of installation for Centreon ISO el7 FR
    * fix(form): JQuery function forget
    * Add release note for Centreon Web 2.8.18
    * Add notice for ISO availability
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