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Trying to resize image

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......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ After checking the setup, you should test your speech recognition service. For t
2. You can use [Kõnele]( for testing the service. It is an Android app that is freely available for downloading at Google Play. You must configure it to use your ASR service.
![Click on Kõnele (fast recognition)](/img/1.png?raw=true)
![Click on Kõnele (fast recognition)](/img/1.png?raw=true =100px)
![Click on Kõnele (fast recognition)](/img/2.png?raw=true)
![Click on Kõnele (fast recognition)](/img/3.png?raw=true)
![Click on Kõnele (fast recognition)](/img/4.png?raw=true)
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