Commit 7a2c2ea7 authored by Tom Jorquera's avatar Tom Jorquera
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Store the room and client in memory

First step to handle multiple, non-conflicting clients connecting to different
parent 7ea82e13
......@@ -23,14 +23,17 @@ const config = require('./config.json');
const runner = require('./lib/runner.js')(config.runner);
const controller = require('./lib/controller.js')('./client');
const registry = {};
console.log('starting hublot...');
controller.loadAll('controller', 'lib', 'robot')
.then(modules => {
console.log('modules loaded... launching runner');
// Note: result can be stored in a variable to control further the browser
const room = 'test-bot';
// Note: client can be used to control further the browser
// e.g.: let client =; client.end();, config.visio.url, 'test-bot', config.client);
registry[room] =, config.visio.url, room, config.client);
.catch(err => {
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