Commit 1748ca3f authored by Abdelwahab HEBA's avatar Abdelwahab HEBA
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remove <noise> <laugh> and <spoken_noise> from decoding

parent e7fcfe07
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ done
mkdir -p $dir/scoring/log
# A changer suivant les balises utilisees dans la normalisation
cat $data/text | sed 's:<NOISE>::g' | sed 's:<SPOKEN_NOISE>::g' > $dir/scoring/test_filt.txt
cat $data/text | sed 's:<noise>::g' | sed 's:<spoken_noise>::g' | sed 's:<laugh>::g' > $dir/scoring/test_filt.txt
for wip in $(echo $word_ins_penalty | sed 's/,/ /g'); do
$cmd LMWT=$min_lmwt:$max_lmwt $dir/scoring/log/best_path.LMWT.$wip.log \
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