Commit efdbe227 authored by Abdelwahab HEBA's avatar Abdelwahab HEBA
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remove config files for decoding

parent 2e66f9f0
# empty config, just use the defaults.
# Default configuration
command qsub -v PATH -cwd -S /bin/bash -j y -l arch=*64*
option mem=* -l mem_free=$0,ram_free=$0
option mem=0 # Do not add anything to qsub_opts
option num_threads=* -pe smp $0
option num_threads=1 # Do not add anything to qsub_opts
option max_jobs_run=* -tc $0
default gpu=0
option gpu=0 -q all.q
option gpu=* -l gpu=$0 -q g.q
default allow_k20=true
option allow_k20=true
option allow_k20=false -l 'hostname=!g01*&!g02*&!b06*'
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