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# linstt-poc-socgen

This is the repository for the linstt-poc-socgen project.

## Install Docker and Docker Compose

You will need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your machine. If they are already installed, you can skip this part.
Otherwise, you can install them referring to []( "Install Docker"), and to []( "Install Docker Compose").

## Get all the docker images

### Kaldi-gstreamer


### Speech Enhancement


### Controller


## Clone linstt-poc-socgen

Run `git clone`
You can build the docker image of linstt-poc-socgen running `docker build -t linagora/linstt-poc-socgen .` in the linstt-poc-socgen directory, but if you don't do it, the image will be built the first time you run `docker-compose up`.

Note that if you have an old docker image tagged `linagora/linstt-poc-socgen` on your machine, the image will never be built when you run `docker-compose up`, and the old image will be used. In order to have the latest version of the image, you must build it now. Every time you change some code in linstt-poc-socgen, you will need to build the image, because docker compose will use `linagora/linstt-poc-socgen` image if it exists. If you want the image to be built every time you run `docker-compose up`, remove the `image: linagora/linstt-poc-socgen` line in docker-compose.yml

## Environment variables


## Run linstt-poc-socgen

Be sure that you are in the linstt-poc-socgen directory, and run `docker-compose up`. You can set environment variables in the same command line, as explained above.