Commit bd02c9ba authored by Yoann HOUPERT's avatar Yoann HOUPERT

Merge branch 'next' into 'master'

update parameter trim

See merge request !3
parents dd5d7952 7a1eabbd
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ class WorkerWebSocket(WebSocketClient):
# TODO: preprocessing ? (sox python)
logging.debug("Trimming signal")
trim_silence_segments(self.filepath,self.filepath, chunk_size=100, threshold_factor=0.85, side_effect_accomodation=0)
trim_silence_segments(self.filepath,self.filepath, chunk_size=120, threshold_factor=0.85, side_effect_accomodation=2)
# Offline decoder call
logging.debug(DECODER_COMMAND + ' ' + TEMP_FILE_PATH + self.fileName+'.wav')
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