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1. Listen for and save voice clips onto Amazon's S3.
1. Lint and rebuild all js files on every change.
### Project directory structure
The project is organized into the following directories:
- *android*: The Android app. This app is not currently used as it is just a wrapper for the website.
- *docs*: Design specifications for Common Voice.
- *ios*: The iOS app. The iOS app is just a wrapper for the website as well, but it was published on the App Store because of an issue in Safari which made recording audio impossible.
- *nubis*: Configuration files for [Nubis](, which is used for deploying the website.
- *server*: The server-side program for the Common Voice website.
- *tools*: Some scripts for managing the server and the database.
- *web*: The Common Voice website.
### Help
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