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# linagora.esn.custom-g2k
custom-g2k module as basis to create other modules
Customization module for Gainde2000
## Install
## Change the colors
*Note: The following instructions assumes that you have already installed OpenPaaS ESN in the path referenced by $ESN below.*
The file **frontend/app/app.less** contains the definition of colors that OpenPaaS will use.
While waiting for a npm-based dependency injection handler, you have to install the module in OpenPaaS ESN like this:
To change the colors, just update the variables. Example: change
**1. Clone**
git clone
@primaryColor: #BADA55;
**2. Install it in OpenPaaS**
There is two way to install the model in OpenPaaS, so choose one of them:
- A. _Using symbolic links_
The modules must be available in the `$ESN/modules` folder:
ln -s path_to_module/linagora.esn.custom-g2k $ESN/modules/
- B. _Using npm link_
Go inside the module repository:
npm link
Go inside OpenPaaS ESN repository:
cd $ESN
npm link linagora.esn.custom-g2k
npm install
**2. Enable the module in the OpenPaaS ESN configuration file**
You must add the module in the modules section in `$ESN/config/default.NODE_ENV.json`. NODE_ENV is the environment variable used to define if the node application is running in 'production' or in 'development' (the default environment is 'development').
Copy the 'modules' array from `$ESN/config/default.json` into `$ESN/config/default.NODE_ENV.json` (`$ESN/config/default.development.json` or `$ESN/config/default.production.json`) and add the module name:
"modules": [
@primaryColor: #00FF00;
## Run
and restart your server.
## Change the logo
The logo images are located in **frontend/images/logo.png** (desktop) and **frontend/images/logo-square.png** (mobile menu).
Once installed, you can start OpenPaaS ESN as usual. The **awesome module** is available in the application grid menu.
Just overwrite those image files, using images of approximatelly the same size, to update the logo that will be displayed in the OpenPaaS interface.
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