1. 09 May, 2017 5 commits
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      Uses `controller.loadAll` to load the client resources · 43a5f415
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      We now use the function defined in `lib/controller` to load the resources to
      inject into the client.
      The order of the "modules" to be loaded is defined as follow:
      - controller
      - lib
      - robot
      Each module corresponds to a specific folder in the `client` folder.
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      Add `lib/controller` · 7a26dd36
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      This module allow to load all the files that must be injected into the client.
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      Add skeletons for client modules · 10d984d0
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      We define three modules to be injected in the client:
      - controller: in charge of exposing the hubl.in functions as a unified API
      - lib: containing various libraries to be used by the robot
      - robot: containing the behavior of the robot itself
      Currently these modules only contain the base skeleton.
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      Runner now take a list of source files to inject · 6d9b93bb
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      Instead of a single controller file, `runner.run` now takes a list of source
      files that will be injected in the passed order.
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      Move and clean robot client controller · 184de96b
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      - `robotClientController.js` moved to `client/controller/controller.js`
      - `controller` renamed to `robotController`
      - changed some `var` to `const`
      - updated path to controller in `app.js`
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · 48723b83
      Tom JORQUERA authored
      Update package.json
      See merge request !1
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