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Minor edit to mainpage; improve usage message of lattice-to-post

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......@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@
\mainpage Kaldi
Now <a></a> is now only a backup
Now <a></a> is only a backup
location. <a href=></a> is the
definitive location of this documentation. We are working on transitioning the
code repository away from Sourceforge.
definitive location of this documentation. Kaldi's code repository is
now located at <a href=""></a>
See also Kaldi's <a href=>project page on Sourceforge</a>,
and <a href=></a> where you can download pre-built models.
See also the top level of <a href=></a>, where
you can download pre-built models.
- \subpage about
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
const char *usage =
"Do forward-backward and collect posteriors over lattices.\n"
"Usage: lattice-to-post [options] lats-rspecifier posts-wspecifier [loglikes-wspecifier]\n"
" e.g.: lattice-to-post --acoustic-scale=0.1 ark:1.lats\n";
" e.g.: lattice-to-post --acoustic-scale=0.1 ark:1.lats\n"
"See also: lattice-to-ctm-conf, post-to-pdf-post\n";
kaldi::BaseFloat acoustic_scale = 1.0, lm_scale = 1.0;
kaldi::ParseOptions po(usage);
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